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Welcome to Paul Downing Photography

Paul got his love of photography from his Father,and has had a camera in his hand from an early age.He is an instinctive photographer,with an eye for a composition and an understanding of how light falls on and affects a subject.Nothing makes him happier than being out and about on the coast or the hills at the start or end of a day.

Paul aims as much as is possible to get his photograph's right in camera,rather than spend hours processing at the computer,although in the digital age there will always be a need to do some form of processing.He has all the latest software and the skills needed to fine tune any image.Currently Paul shoots with Nikon camera's and lenses,that are modern and utilise all the latest technology,that enables him to shoot in all lighting conditions with confidence.

Pauls images have been used on front covers all over the world,by financial institutions,telecoms companies,providers of educational and training manuals,to name but a few.His work has been seen in the Times and on many media providers such as BBC,ITV,and Sky and also in local North East newspapers and publications.He has also featured in UK photography magazines such as What Digital Camera.

Paul has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world,and have many exciting adventures.His experiences have led him to be a calm and happy person,who I am sure you will find it is a pleasure to do business with.

"The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." Ansel Adams

Thank you for visiting our site.Please feel free to browse the various pages and galleries,that showcase the work we produce.